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4 November 2013

This week’s episode of “Castle” hit all the right notes. Rick Castle affirmed his love for his fiancee and for his daughter. The detectives worked a case. Friends supported each other against great odds.

This episode capped off an arc that, as a father, I find particularly striking. I know you’re going to tell me this is incredibly cheesy. The arc was somewhat realistic and somewhat hopeful. We’ve seen Castle and his daughter Alexis struggle with her growing independence over the last several episodes. It got to the point where they weren’t even talking to each other. Heck, at in the first act of this week’s episode they even said it. Several times, in case the viewers had missed it. But as someone who has parents and who is a parent, I have been through that several times. Haven’t we all gone thru periods where we don’t talk to our parents, or where our children don’t talk to us?

Alexis came to Castle and asked for his help with an “Innocence Quest” case. They had 72 hours to prove a death row inmates innocence or he would die. Naturally, Castle goes with her to help. We saw Nathan Fillion’s usual vulnerability and his trademark protectiveness. But we also saw glimpse of Captain Mal Reynolds as Castle demonstrated grace under pressure and showed some humility and heroism as he and Alexis not only proved – well, I’m not giving that many spoilers! Watch it on iTunes for $2 or get it from watchABC.

But by the end Castle and Alexis both apologized to each other and Becket embraced her future stepdaughter. I find it heartwarming and hopeful, even inspiring, to see characters whom I have grown to care about over the last few years, do the right thing! The American thing! Without being forced. They went up against the grinding wheels of justice and even the apparent desires of their ‘client’ the death row inmate (who heroically asked them to back off so he could help his own fiancee come to grips with the rest of her life). And they prevailed. Friendship and voluntary teamwork triumph. A heartwarming and hopeful story that is a reflection, not just of reality, but of our highest and best selves.

And that is what good entertainment is supposed to do.

Be sure to check back next week for my reviews of Thor: The Dark World and the Agents of SHIELD tie-in episode.


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