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Pres. Trump’s Performance: Keeping his Promises

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So, this is the day when journalists and editorial pages are supposed to write about President Trump.  I can’t pass up an opportunity to do what I’m meant to do as a journalist.  So, let’s consider three major areas of reporting on the current Administration:  actions of Russia in the 2016 election, foreign policy and the US economy.

The truth about elections is that every major country tries to influence every other major country’s elections.  It was widely reported that the prior US Administration sent prominent campaign consultants Israel to help Ehud Barak and his left of center party win an election.  As long as there have been elections and political intrigue, nations have sent their operatives to influence the outcome of other country’s elections.  Yes, Russian operatives used phony social media accounts to stir up controversy.  Yes, Wikileaks published and promoted coverage of emails of the Democrat Party, it’s committees, candidates and officials.  However, last month, US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein read indictments to the press including the assertion that no Russians changed any votes or altered the outcome of any election in the USA in 2016.

So, with all the real and phony voices on the Internet, ever citizen must seek out accurate and credible information about their regions, candidates and officials.  Read, listen and watch many sources including those you disagree with.

The US Constitution clearly places conduct of Foreign Policy in the executive branch, often with the advice and content of the Senate.  President Trump has been roundly criticized for his Foreign Policy.  Let’s look at the results.  North Korea has not launched a missile outside its borders or conducted a test of nuclear weapon yet this year.  The NATO Allies agreed at the recent summit to meet the defense spending targets next year that they previously committed to hit in 2024.  Yes, the NATO Allies promised the prior Administration they would spend 2% of GDP on defense by 2024.  No, they didn’t agree to spend more than that.  What Pres. Trump got them to do is meet that spending target by next year. Regarding Iran, Pres. Trump and his Administration are unwinding the Iran nuclear deal and restoring sanctions against Iran to end that nation’s nuclear weapons program and support of international terrorism. Iranian citizens have taken to their streets to protest their repressive rulers for the first time since 2009.  Pres. Trump promised during his election campaign that he we get NATO Allies to spend more on defense and he promised to unwind the Iran nuclear deal.

And regarding the US economy, yes there are tariffs and threats of tariffs from the US against other countries and vice versa.  Yes, the rich had their tax rates reduced by 2 percentage points. However, a greater percentage of Americans participate in the workforce than at any time since the 1970s.  Unemployment among women, Asians, Blacks and Hispanics is at all-time lows.  Millions of families have left the Foodstamps program, because they can now feed themselves.  Consumer optimism and small business optimism have both reached heights not seen since the 1980s  President Trump promised during his election campaign to renegotiate trade deals and reduce tax rates.

Pres. Trump has done what he said he would do. Our enemies fear us. More Americans are working. Is this what failure looks like?


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