Amnesty…Everything old is new again. Poodle skirts from the 50s came back as nostalgia in the 70s. Bell-bottom jeans from the 70s made a comeback in the 90s. Now Amnesty, the hit legislation from the 80s, has comeback into fashion along with Vans sneakers. Send it back from the future along with parachute pants! Here a several reasons.

First, most of the amnesty bills waive a criminal record and allow previously deported illegals to return with family members granted amnesty. Do we not have enough over-crowding in our prisons, that we have recruit criminals from other countries?

Second, opposing amnesty is not an anti-immigrant position. My grandfather immigrated from Cuba in 1929. He opposed amnesty during the Reagan Administration. He came thru Ellis Island like so many others. About a decade before that my Italian grandmother come over from Europe with her parents, who also went through Ellis Island. They learned English. The learned the Constitution and American history. The got jobs and became productive citizens. They did it right! And after Castro came to power in Cuba in the 1950s, my grandfather brought all his cousins to America as well. Legally! None of them came on the boatlift. He was an immigrant and an Hispanic minority and he said everyone should follow the law.

Third, while most of the people who would be granted amnesty are not actually criminals (other than being illegal aliens), most would become wards of the state, not productive citizens like my grandfather and all his cousins. While the US Chamber of Commerce may say thru some bizarro math that illegal immigrants will help the economy, the truth is that most of them will be unskilled or semi-skilled laborers. They will be reliant on government welfare programs to make ends meet every month. Even if they do pay taxes, they will receive in benefits much more than they pay in. The conservative Heritage Foundation performed a statistical study, that calculated the cost in billions. And even liberal AP news reported that wage growth would be stagnant for at least an additional decade after amnesty.

These are just the arguments I came up with in ten minutes off the top of my mind. If I sat down and researched an essay, I’m sure I could come up with a couple more reasons, but these are the easiest arguments to explain. Please think about your own arguments and post them in the comments section.

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