Immigration Amnesty.  Nov 2013.

Amnesty…Everything old is new again. Poodle skirts from the 50s came back as nostalgia in the 70s. Bell-bottom jeans from the 70s made a comeback in the 90s. Now Amnesty, the hit legislation from the 80s, has comeback into fashion along with Vans sneakers. Send it back from the future along with parachute pants! Here a several reasons.

First, most of the amnesty bills waive a criminal record and allow previously deported illegals to return with family members granted amnesty. Do we not have enough over-crowding in our prisons, that we have recruit criminals from other countries?

Second, opposing amnesty is not an anti-immigrant position. My grandfather immigrated from Cuba in 1929. He opposed amnesty during the Reagan Administration. He came thru Ellis Island like so many others. About a decade before that my Italian grandmother come over from Europe with her parents, who also went through Ellis Island. They learned English. The learned the Constitution and American history. The got jobs and became productive citizens. They did it right! And after Castro came to power in Cuba in the 1950s, my grandfather brought all his cousins to America as well. Legally! None of them came on the boatlift. He was an immigrant and an Hispanic minority and he said everyone should follow the law.

Third, while most of the people who would be granted amnesty are not actually criminals (other than being illegal aliens), most would become wards of the state, not productive citizens like my grandfather and all his cousins. While the US Chamber of Commerce may say thru some bizarro math that illegal immigrants will help the economy, the truth is that most of them will be unskilled or semi-skilled laborers. They will be reliant on government welfare programs to make ends meet every month. Even if they do pay taxes, they will receive in benefits much more than they pay in. The conservative Heritage Foundation performed a statistical study, that calculated the cost in billions. And even liberal AP news reported that wage growth would be stagnant for at least an additional decade after amnesty.


Affordable Care Act.  Nov 2013.

I think they launched Healthcare.gov with a broken website on purpose. The broken website is drawing all the criticism and distracting conservatives from making the principled argument against the law itself. 
We should absolutely refer to the website as an example of incompetence. But only that!

Here’s three quick points against the law and three quick free market ways to make the health insurance market and health care itself less expensive. Just remember main points. They’re like the old Eddie Murphy joke about the rabbit and the bear, easier to remember than the whole essay.

1. The Affordable Care Act is killing full-time jobs!

  It makes each and every employee more expensive to the business….if they’re full time or over 30 hours per week. Yes, the employer mandate was waived, but only for a year. We’re already seeing between 2/3 and 3/4 of new jobs created as part time with the waiver. Think what will happen next! Plus we hear constant reports on the news about businesses reducing hours and make full time employees into part time. This is not simply about greedy businesses. Health coverage is expensive. If the employee’s labor isn’t worth the health plan plus wages, drop them to part time!

Repeal the employer mandate and replace it with a tax incentive for employers who offer health coverage. This will make providing health coverage to employee less expensive and it will reduce the overall cost of labor to business who provide health coverage allowing them to hire more employees

2. The exchanges are cumbersome, hacker sieves and because of all the other government and private computer networks they’re connected to, put security holes in those systems as well.

Solution: Just make it legal for Health Insurance companies to sell across state lines, shut down the exchanges, and de-Gauss the data! Simple. Done. One more.

3. The Affordable Care Act makes health insurance more expensive.

Last year, before the mandates, before the exchanges, the average family health policy went up by $2500 per year (reported by AP, Reuters and Fox). Not down. Up. Now with the exchanges we hear reports of policies doubling and deductibles going up four to five times what they were.

Solution: Repeal the Law! Allow health insurance companies to offer a wide variety of customizable plans that provide the coverage a person or family wants and needs….like I don’t know car insurance? A grocery chain called Safeway used a car insurance model for it’s company health plan and saw premiums drop and employees incentivized to live healthier. Win-win! This was in the early part of the 2000s. Look it up!

Two bonus solutions:

A. Medical Tort reform. 
This change in the legal system will reduce the cost of malpractice insurance and allow physicians to test for what they think the disease actually is rather than practicing defensive medicine and ordering tests for everything it isn’t. Triple win! This reduces the cost of a physician’s total business, which means she can charge less per patient and it reduces the number and cost of lab tests so the labs can focus on helping patients not protecting physicians. We tried this in Texas a few years ago. Physicians flocked to our state. More providers, more service, more competition, lower costs for everyone. How many wins is that?

B. Health Car Tax-free savings accounts. 
Pair this with a catastrophic policy and you’ve got another win-winner! The person or family now owns their health savings and it isn’t subject to income tax. This rewards those who save for their own expenses; that is to say it rewards responsible behavior. They can use their tax-free health savings account for routine health care and if they have a heart attack, or something else — God forbid, then the catastrophic policy kicks in and they’re covered. The catastrophic only policy will cost less and the savings account will over routine expenses.

I hope these arguments and solutions are easy to remember. Not like Eddie Murphy jokes. He once told a simple joke about a rabbit and bear and said, “tell that one to your friends. Don’t try to remember my whole routine!” I hope you do remember some of these arguments. I hope you do repeat them to your friends. It’s like Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “First you win the argument; then you win the election.”

Take it to the streets, my friends! Or at least to your friends and neighbors. We can do this. We can restore ourselves and turn or friends and neighbors back to the principles of self-reliance and personal responsibility and charity — I will write about that another time — that made this nation a beacon of freedom and opportunity — and righteousness — for the world.

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