About (updated Oct 2017)

About St Thomas and St Thomas Place

Chris St Thomas and Chris St Martin are pen names associated with StThomasPlace Managing Editor, Christopher De Los Santos.  As of October 2017, I’m in Graduate School at the University of Texas.  I’m working on a Masters in Journalism at the Moody College of Communication.  Before this, I spent some time in the Army, deployed to Afghanistan in 2016 and to Iraq in 2008 and 2010.  I have also taught high school math and worked in retail.  I earned my bachelor’s degree and a second lieutenant’s commission at the U. S. Military Academy at West Point in the last century.  I’m currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas National Guard.  Please don’t confuse me with the spokesman for any of these venerable institutions!  They all have their own Public Affairs Officers and websites.  This one is mine and all the opinions here are my own, unless otherwise documented.

Chris St Thomas has been my primary pen name since high school.  I’ve written all my fiction under this name.  I’ve posted essays and news articles on this website under this name.  I’m kind of attached to the name.

In spring 2017, when I started entertainment reporting, I added another pen name:  Chris St Martin.  So far, I have entertainment articles posted on TVoverMind.com under this name.

When I started this blog in Nov 2013, I wasn’t quite ready to share my whole biography, resume and c.v. on here.  I’m still not going to put up that much.  But I will share more.

I live in Austin, Texas.  I hike for fun and exercise.  I enjoy reading, writing, and live music.  I’m a parent.  I love my country.  I love my family and my faith.  But not in that order.

And I’ve got to give props here to those who inspired me to take the step of putting my ideas on a blog:  authors Srinivas Rao and Ruth Soukup,  YouTube personality Jeremy Jahns, and of course my friends and family who’ve been listening to me pontificate for years…no, wait, decades.  If Jeremy can make it as a YouTuber, I can make it as a writer. Maybe now that I have this tiny ‘microphone’ they’ll have less to listen to.  Or when I go into ‘talks show host mode,’ they can just tell me, “Go post on your blog.”

And of course, the opinions I express are my own, not necessarily those of my employers or my University.

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