Hello, yeah, it’s been a while… or Triumphant Returns (Teen Titans, Young Justice and St Thomas himself.)

Today, St Thomas reports not only his own triumphant return, but also the imminent  return of beloved television properties “Teen Titans” and “Young Justice.”  Yes, we’ve been off the net for a while. For those of you out there not counting, it’s been since November 2015, or about a year and a half.  Let’s get to the entertainment news first, and then the personal items.

“Teen Titans” television development is back on track, as reported in Variety . In fact, the show will be live action and will headline a new DC Entertainment streaming service set to launch next year, in 2018.  From fall 2014, through the end of 2015, a live action “Teen Titans” had been in development at TNT. With Oscar winning screen writer Akiva Goldsman attached, the show would have featured heroes from the comics and animation: Dick Grayson (aka Robin I, Nightwing), Barbara Gordan (aka, Batgirl I, Oracle), Starfire, Raven as well as superhero siblings Hawk and Dove.

Once again, Mr. Goldsman is attached to the new version, according to Variety and TV Line, along with DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns and superhero TV uberproducer Greg Berlanti. Mr. Berlanti will also executive produce with Sarah Schechter. Production companies on the show include Weed Road Pictures and Berlanti Productions, for Warner Bros. TV.  No casting announcements have been heard, yet, but the show is said to be action-packed with characters including Dick Grayson and heroes from all around the DC Universe.

The inclusion of Mr Berlanti, Ms Schechter and their respective production companies on this project has produced actual excitement here at St Thomas Place.  These two producers have a history of bringing successful superhero shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) and other action-oriented fare (Blindspot) to live-action television.  The fact that they are part of “Teen Titans” could be a sign that the show will actually get out of development-heck and get made.

Also associated with the new DC Entertainment streaming service will be the third season of Warner Bros. Animated series ‘Young Justice.’  According to Variety, the new season will feature young DC Universe heroes coming of age, while combating meta-human trafficking both on Earth and across the galaxy.

And now for the personal items…

What’s that you say?  Where have I been?

I’ve been in Afghanistan, doing my bit for Constitution and Country.  Shortly after my last  blog post in October of 2015, my National Guard unit received notification that we would be mobilized and deployed to Afghanistan.  After that, the pace and complexity of my own life increased substantially.  I had my regular job, visits with my teenage son, and my unit preparing to mobilize.  I just didn’t have enough time and energy to continue to deliver quality pieces to you, my readers.  Until now!

Another question…what was I doing overseas?

Troops from my unit and I advised the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.

Did I get any awards, you ask?

Actually, I did.  I received an award for being instrumental to the success of the mission.  I was also promoted.

One more question…am I back, for good?

Well, I’m back for good, the same as the National Guard has been back “for good” during all of these Operations in Afghanistan.  My unit will come up in the rotation again in a few years.  We’ll see what happens then.

The entertainment beat is kind of a change of pace from the more controversial issues I wrote about before (just click the prior post link below).  Give me a break!  It wasn’t the Boyscouts or the Peace Corps over there in Afghanistan; it was the United States military, along with about forty other Allies and partner-nations.  And we weren’t on a camping trip or a development mission in a permissive environment.  There were adversaries over there who wanted to send us home.  Permanently.  So, yeah, I’m going to write about some more light-hearted fare for a while.  But, I promise, I’ll get back to controversy, before too long.

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The views expressed herein are my own and facts not in evidence are documented.  In no way should this blog be construed to represent the Resolute Support Coalition, the DoD, the US Army or the National Guard.


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