Planned Parenthood Part 2

Let’s get down to where the rubber meets the road.  Planned Parenthood has not denied that they trade in livers, hearts, kidneys, lungs, and other organs …many of the same organs that come from organ donations. So, it is not just a blob of cells like NARAL and other abortion advocates have said for nearly 50 years.

When I was an Army Reservist, years ago, I was trained as a Combat Lifesaver. The first thing they taught us was to check for pulse. If the casualty has a heartbeat — no matter how slow or faint — he/she is alive.  Unborn babies in the womb have a heartbeat in the first trimester.  I know this from experience because I heard my son’s heartbeat during the third month when my former wife was pregnant with him.

In almost any medical procedure a heartbeat is the standard for being alive. If not heart beat, brain waves on the EEG, is the standard for being alive. Unborn babies have a brainwave pattern and a heartbeat in the second trimester.

I have friends who work in neonatal and premie ICU. Premature babies born before 30 weeks have lived.

In a newly released sting video, Center for Medical Progress shows Planned Parenthood employees discussing “intact foetal cadavers” in a very upfront and cavalier tone.  Planned Parenthood has called these videos heavily edited. They imply that some sort of context is left out. What kind of context makes trading baby organs acceptable in a civilized society?!?!?

If a pregnancy threatens a mother’s life, I can rationalize ending it, but if the baby is at 24 weeks put her in the premie ICU. Save both lives. If the mother doesn’t want the baby someone will adopt her.

In cases of incest, I can rationalize ending the pregnancy.

In cases of rape … Find, try, convict and execute the rapist. The baby is innocent. If the baby is at 24 weeks deliver by ceserian section and put him in premie ICU. Someone will adopt. Before twenty weeks, I can’t tell rape victims what to do.

So, I can see some exceptions where abortion could be acceptable in cases of rape, incest, or when the pregnancy jeopardizes the life of the mother. But otherwise in cases where the unborn baby has a heartbeat and brainwaves, he or she is alive. 

He or she is a child. A child is possibility, hope, potential, love, responsibility…but not a punishment. Someone will adopt. Someone will love, even babies with birth defects or developmental concerns.

I believe that life begins at conception. I assert that other than the exceptions I described above, abortion is murder. Murder is horrible and illegal. Other than the above exceptions abortion should be illegal, too.

These veiws are my own and not endorsed by the National Guard or the DOD.

One thought on “Planned Parenthood Part 2

  1. As much as I appreciate your opinions, I’m going to respectfully disagree. Several times you mentioned just put the preemie in ICU. For women who don’t want to become a parent, that would mean forcing them to stay pregnant until 24 weeks or later, and who will absorb the medical costs? That can easily run up to $500,000 or more very quickly.
    I also disagree with your assessment of the “cavalier” manner with which Planned Parenthood speaks of working with the donated tissue. Working in the medical field I see physicians, nurses, etc. use casual terms about their job functions similar to the way that you do about yours. It’s just a different field.
    Only 2% of Planned Parenthood’s services are comprised of abortions and those are not paid for with federal funding. There are thousands and thousands of women who benefit from cancer screenings, HIV tests, and much more. The video was nothing more than another attempt to discredit a company that provides valuable services to low income women.
    I respectfully disagree with your position. And further, I wish all of the resources devoted to defund Planned Parenthood were used to promote the use of, and provide contraceptives, education to prevent unwanted pregnancies. That would be a real use of resources.

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