Netanyahu Reelected / StThomas Hiatus

Hello again, to my audience!

I feel like I owe you an explanation of why I haven’t been providing my usual stream of commentary and holiday themed features.  And I will get to that, but first I want to discuss something really important with you for a couple of paragraphs:  Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

In the first week of March, Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Netanyahu addressed a joint session of the U. S. Congress (transcript and video).  The PM spoke graciously of President Obama and of the Congress and of the American people.  Then he proceeded to remind the Congress, his viewers and whole world about Iranian involvement in State Sponsored terrorism and how its tentacles reach to nearly every continent.  He posed the rhetorical question of whether or not it would be wise to allow such a government to obtain nuclear weapons.  After all, the Mullahs have been calling for the destruction of Israel, the U. S. and the Western way of life since they came to power in 1979.  Since then we have seen Iran consistently involved in international terrorism to further those aims.

Next PM Netanyahu summarized what has been reported in the media, and cited in speeches by U. S. Administration officials, regarding the U. S.-led, multi-party nuclear negotiations with the Iranian government.  He said that the deal currently in the works would freeze Iran’s nuclear program.  (That’s good right?)  U.S. Secretary of State Kerry and even President Obama have proclaimed this as a selling point of the negotiations.  PM Netanyahu says this doesn’t go far enough.  Since Iran needs its trade relationships with the West, we should force Iran to dismantle their nuclear weapons development facilities.  The PM said we should get a better deal.

And then just a few days ago, PM Netanyahu’s Likud Party won the Parliamentary elections in Israel which some commentators described as a referendum on him.  So, it looks like a majority of Israelis view Iran as a threat and his tough stance against them as the right direction for their country.  So, as one of my former Division Commanders, General Tommy Franks, used to say, “Good on you” Israel!  Israelis have stood up for their nation’s right to exist and against the bullies in the Iranian leadership.

My Hiatus

I thought about the matter of my non-writing last Thursday, while I was at lunch with a friend.  I guess it comes down to this: I stayed away because I was out of work. I could say that I was busy, but I think the truth is … I was ashamed. I mean, I was busy looking for work.  I was ashamed of not contributing my labor, intellectual though it might be.  I was busy with a part-time job in the National Guard.  (Sometimes, it’s more than just one weekend a month.)  I was ashamed of not making the Regular Army promotion roster for Lieutenant-Colonel and leaving the Active Duty Army.  As I said, my State’s National Guard took me and seemed rather glad to have me and my skill set during my first Drill in February.  I was somewhat troubled and confused at being medically disqualified from my application process with the State Police in my State.  I mean, I was good enough for the National Guard, so why not for the State Police?

I got some severance pay from the Army, so why didn’t I just double down here and with the entertainment reporting I had done in January ( I guess I felt like I needed to be earning my keep, literally.  Or at least part of my keep.  But I was doing that with the National Guard.  Maybe I’m also a little depressed at having had to take my ex-wife back to court over visits with my son.  So there it is… My stream-of-consciousness dump of my situation over the last several weeks.  First-world problems, aren’t they?

It’s not like my land-lord is threatening eviction or the electric company is coming to shut off my lights. They aren’t.  I have savings to cover that, plus food, for a few months, and like I said, I got a severance check from the Army.  Anyway, a nearby school district is bringing me on as a substitute teacher, and some of my contacts from the Army have put me on to some promising job leads.  Thus, with dignity restored, no really just with ego assuaged, I’m back.

In the coming days, I’ll get to the additional shootings in Ferguson, Missouri, the Republican Congress’ not stopping the President’s executive actions that effectively rewrote immigration law in the U.S., and forty-seven U. S. Senators’ letter to the Mullahs in Iran.  I will also return to commentary on current events.  And of course Passover and Easter are right around the corner.

Thanks again for reading!  Feel free to share your thoughts on my absence or on Israel below in the comments.

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The facts are the facts.  The opinions are my own, unless otherwise cited, and not necessarily those of my employers.


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