Net Neutrality sounds good but I dont support it

Sure, we all love to gripe about our utility bills, how health insurance deductables have gone up 400 to 500% and how lousy the customer service is at the cable company. Who isn’t frustrated when you see the spinning circle or twirling hourglass on the TV or tablet screen? We’d all like to have our Internet download speeds increase. So, Net Neutrality sounds great, all downloads and uploads will move at the same speed. Verizon and Time Warner shouldn’t be able to slow down and speed up Internet traffic as they want.
But do we really want to put the government in charge of the internet? That’s what Net Neutrality will do. It will put the FCC or other bureaucrats in charge of Internet speeds. At least now if you don’t like the cable company’s internet, you can switch to satellite. If you don’t like one wireless phone provider, there are six others you can choose from.

If we let the FCC implement Net Neutrality, then unelected government bureaucrats will control your internet speed in your device or speed up the access to sites they approve and slow down sites they don’t. Do you really think they care whether or not you can stream videos or shop on-line?

Net Neutrality is about empowering the government and further expanding its reach. They already regulate the flow of water in your toilet and what kind of lightbulbs you can buy. Do you really want the government in your entertainment, your phones, your tablets, too?  Maybe Christians would like to slow porn sites to the speed dial-up had back in 1994.  Maybe Democrats would like MSNBC to stream faster than all other news channels.  Maybe music enthusiasts think everyone should have to listen to thirty minutes of music sometime during the day.  Wouldn’t it be better for all citizens and legal residents to be informed and make the decisions that are best for them?  Isn’t that the American way — to let ideas compete in the market place and those that work best win?

Comment below if you want, but call your Congressman and tell him or her.

I have many things to say about Immigration reform and executive orders, but I still work for the Defense Dept. So I will keep those views to myself.  I signed away my ability to  actively campaign for any candidate or criticize the President in certain ways, in order to defend your rights to do just that.

These opinions are naturally my own, unless otherwise cited, and not those of my employers.

Thank you for reading.
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