Constitution Day (Reinvention and Restoration, part 2)

September 17th was Constitution Day.  On that day in 1789, the Framers completed their drafting of the longest lasting charter of government in the history of the world.  Some say it is a masterpiece, dividing power among three branches of government, giving the National Government only a few enumerated powers, providing checks and balances, the States retaining sovereignty, and above all recognising that the individual citizen has rights, privileges and immunities.  Others have called it old and dusty and said that new nations shouldn’t look to it as an example.

One might say that the Constitution has been reinvented. By having Continuing Resolutions for three out of the last six years, the House of Representatives is eroding the power of the purse. The Supreme Court has allowed the erosion of the power of legislation by allowing the Secretary of DHS to rewrite Immigration Law and the Secretary of HHS to rewrite welfare laws and health care laws by executive fiat.

How, then are we to return to a society that is centered around opportunity and self-reliance, rather than government and dependence? We must return to the source of our rights.  The Constitution?  No.  The Declaration of Independence appeals the Supreme Judge and says that all men (and women) are endowed by their Creator.  The Supreme Judge is not the World Court.  The Creator is not Government.  The Supreme Judge sits in the Courts of the Holy and the Creator is He who said, “Let there be light.”  God is the source of our rights.  Okay, whose god?  Zeus? Allah? Jesus?  El Shaddai? Is it the way the Southern Baptists understand Him or the way the Bhuddists understand Him?

I think part of the answer is in a parable I related in my first Pursuit of Virtue essay.  Pieces of the mirror of truth were hid ages ago in each religion and philosophy.  No one should confuse a piece with the whole thing.  And let us step back again and consider the Creator in the abstract for a moment.  Forget the roof of the Sistine Chapel.  Set aside the Apostles’ Creed, just for a moment.  He Who called forth Being from nothingness, the Supreme Judge of the Universe before Whom we must all give account on That Day, He must not only be bigger and grander and greater and wiser then we do understand, but even beyond what we can understand.  Any god that can be understood, and explained and contained in the mind of man is no god, and is not worthy of worship.  The Divine is beyond comprehension.  Those few men and women who have been graced to look upon the face of the Divine and not be driven mad, their minds have done them a favor by interpreting the First Cause, the Eternal, in familiar symbols.

When the Messiah comes, He will judge us. Until then, let’s remember that good fruit comes from a good tree; poison fruit, from a bad tree.

It’s time to return to our first loves America: love God, love each other, love liberty.

The views expressed in these writings are my own, unless otherwise documented.  Today’s definitely does not reflect the views of my employers.  Thank God we still have Freedom of Speech.

Share your ideas about the source of our rights with us in the comments.  Do governments give rights, or merely acknowledge and protect what is already our birthright as humans made in the Divine image?

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