Support Israel’s fight against terrorism (Hamas)

Okay, I’ve let this go on in silence long enough.  I have to add my voice.

Support for Israel is support for civilization.  Support for Hamas is support of terrorism.  The featured picture is just one example.

Israel is a pluralistic democracy with many political parties, an independent judiciary, women’s rights and citizens who practice many religions.  Israel has even seated in its parliament ethnic Arabs, who practiced Islam but lived in peace with their Jewish neighbors as Israeli citizens.  Israel is a world leader in medical research, computer technology and their produce is among the finest in the Mediterranean.

In Gaza, Hamas rules. Period.  They marry girls who should be in middle school to grown men.  Hamas has driven the Christians, who used to live among the Palestinians and fight with them against Israel, out of Gaza.  While Qatar and the UN pour funds into Gaza, Hamas doesn’t build industry or grow crops to sell to their neighbors; they build tunnels into Israel, store weapons in schools, fire rockets from hospitals and residential neighborhoods.  In fact, for the last 14 years Hamas has launched 100s of rockets every year into Israel.

When the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) sends counter-fire back at the points of origin of the rockets, they always warn the Palestinians first.  The IDF warns Palestinians with txt msgs, phone calls, radio broadcasts, recently even training missiles that produce merely a puff of smoke.  When the point of origin happens to be an apartment building, or a UN shelter, who is wrong:  Hamas who launched a military weapon from a civilian location and then beat the women as they tried to flee with their children after IDF warnings? Or Israel for launching back at a site that fired at them?

Think about it like this.  If a terrorist organization took over Fort Worth or Minneapolis or Liverpool and started launching rockets at Dallas or St Paul or Cardiff: what would Americans or Britons do?  Would we just allow the rocket fire week after week, after month, after year for fourteen years?  I don’t think so.  We would stop it.  We would root out the barbarians and bring them to justice.  This is what the IDF is doing right now in Gaza. It’s a war, not a police action, but the analogy holds.

So, I support Israel because they stand for the same values and principles as the America I grew up in and the UK I grew up thinking of as my closest ally.  I support Israel because they fight for the same values and principles as the British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealander, Polish, other NATO Allies and coalition of the willing, I fought next to in Iraq as an officer in the U.S. Army.  Israel supports the values and principles of JFK, Reagan and Thatcher.  If Hamas would lay down its weapons of war and live in peace with its Jewish neighbors like that Arab Muslim who served in the Israeli parliament, I could welcome Palestinians into the Family of Man.

Thank you for reading.  Some of my sources are at the bottom.

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