Some right actions on US southern border lead to some right results (or Illegal Immigration Part 4)

I said before that someone or some group was pushing the children and families to leave Central American now.  Crime, violence, corruption and poverty have plagued those countries for decades, if not centuries.  When Border Agents surveyed those who recently have flooded the US douthwest border, the most common reason given was the belief that they could stay and get welfare-state benefits.  This idea was messaged by the Democrat Party with ceremonies to honor illegal immigrants and with graduation speeches proclaiming illegal immigrants to be the hope of our country’s future.  It was also messaged by Establishment Republicans like former House Majority Leader Cantor who said ‘we will not turn away children’ and presumptive Presidential candidate Jeb Bush who called illegal immigration ‘an act of love.’  And the idea was confirmed by the President of Honduras in an interview on 24 July.

So it was a choice by the Homeland Security Secretary not to enforce the laws and messaging of Establishment politicians that motivated the parents and grandparents of Central America to send their children.  The children faced heat, rain, desert, the MS13 train, and various forms of abuse on their journey. And when the got here they faced boredom and separation from friends and siblings as overwhelmed facilities grouped the children by age in crowded rooms without exercise, entertainment, games, mentoring or affection.  When they were released after a week to charities and guardians, some where still undernourished and dehydrated.

But last week, while I was on vacation, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson took some right actions by returning at least one planeload of Honduran children and families to Honduras.  They came here illegally, the government should do the legal thing and send them back safely.  This week the number of children entering illegally is down.  Thank you Mr. Secretary for doing the right thing by those children and families.  Showing resolve to follow the law, reduced the number of children making that perilous journey to be placed in overwhelmed facilities here.

Now, Congress and Secretary Johnson, lets give the Border Agents and Immigration Courts the resources they need to humanely process these illegal immigrants and return them to their countries of origin before school starts.

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