Everyday Heroes (Parts 1 and 2)

Hello, ‘ello, ‘ello!  It’s the Town Crier, here! It feels like I’ve been writing sooooo much serious stuff lately: shootings, U. S. troops in Poland, the Veterans Affairs scandal, the illegal immigration surge on the U. S. southern border…. Man, I need a break.

We all need a break.

So, I’m starting another new series:  Everyday Heroes.  I’ll make this a monthly feature and I’ll write about random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.


Anonymous Bus Driver Helps Blind Passenger Across Street.

This was only reported on Facebook by an Army buddy of mine who works the Pentagon, Andy Rohrer.  Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2014) Andy saw the driver of a Washington Transit Authority bus put the bus in park and dismount to help a blind lady.  A blind lady passenger exited the 16L bus.  The driver realized that she needed to cross a busy street and rather than pull out and keep going, he put the bus in park.  In a completely selfless act, the driver dismounted his bus and guided the blind lady across four lanes of traffic.  Andy said the driver acted completely relaxed and natural about it, like it was just a normal day on the 16 L route.  My friend felt inspired and I’m glad he did because that post made my afternoon yesterday.


Teenager Saves Elderly Man in Apartment Fire

Last Saturday evening, 14 Jun 2014, in Fairfield, California, a teenager smelled smoke while visiting a friend in their apartment complex.  Knowing he had to do something, he grabbed a fire extinguisher and headed toward fire.  On his way to the burning apartment, 14-year-old Latrell McCockren saw an elderly, disabled man attempting to exit his own apartment. The youth stopped and assisted the man in need, helping him out of his apartment.  The older gentleman told Latrell that his dog was still in the burning apartment.

Latrell and his father braved fire and smoke,  retrieving the pet.  Father and son believed that children might have been in the apartment as well and proceeded to search the burning apartment for other survivors, only exiting when heat and smoke became unbearable.  The Fire Battalion Chief later reported no other casualties in the older gentleman’s  apartment.



So, if you have a story of everyday heroism, could be something as simple as someone sharing water with a thirsty hiker, share it with us in the comments below.

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