Principles, Politics and Voting, Part 1

It’s primary season in the United States, leading up to the midterm elections in November. I encourage all my readers to be informed on the issues they care about, and vote their consciences.

As your Town Crier, lead reporter, sub-editor, editor-in-chief (and for that matter, chief-cook-and-bottle-washer…) I want to steer the content I provide you away from politics and toward principles. You won’t see me write, “Republicans, good; Democrats, bad” or “Democrats are for the little guy and all Republicans care about is the big businesses” – unless, I’m exposing a fallacy. At least not in that simplistic a way.

I want this blog to be about ideas, facts and principles, not the political expedient of the moment.

There are many issues in this campaign: the national debt, the Federal budget, monetary policy, the over-reach of bureaucracy, amnesty / illegal immigrants, the right to bear arms / gun control, entitlement reform / raising taxes, etc., etc., etc….ad infinitum. Whatever issues you care about read up on them. Think about the issues and what’s good for the country.

Vote informed and vote your conscience.

Find out where your candidates stand on the issues your care about and consider their voting records and experience, not just their campaign commercials. Do you want to be represented by career politicians like Senator Schumer or Senator McConnell who have spent their entire working life as legislators and haven’t held a job in the private sector since the Carter Administration?  Do think it would be better to have fresh blood and newer ideas, like some of the primary challengers?

Find someone to vote for, someone you believe in.  Don’t just vote against the one you’re scared of.

There are a plethora of websites out there from which to gather information and opinion:,,,,,,,,, and of course your favorite newspapers and he news divisions of your favorite networks. Seek them all out. Don’t trust only NPR or only FoxNews. Which ever side you tend to take, read the other view-point and try filter out the truth, because it’s hard to find any news service that’s only telling the whole truth, without distortion or agenda.

So, arm your self with knowledge about the issues that matter to you. Find out which candidates have track record of standing on the side of the issue with which you agree and vote for them! It isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. It’s also being a good citizen.

What do you think about voting in the Primaries?  Sound off below in the comments, or better yet, go vote!  Vote in your precinct on election day, or find if your city/county has early voting, find out where that is and go!

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