Thank you to my audience!!

We are on the way to beating StThomasPlace’s second best month since we started this journey together in November of last year. With a seven days left in April 2014, you, my audience, have already tied the second most visitors in a month and given me slightly more views than the month we’ve tied on visitors. All we need is one more visitor, and April will move past the tie into second place.

I want to thank the subscribers, the commenters and those who just come back on a regular basis to see what I’m writing. I appreciate all of you.

I feel like we’ve turned a corner here. In February, I hardly posted and you hardly showed up to read. But in March I started writing more and you showed up to read more.  And now you’ve nearly given me my second best month.

I’m not like Jeremy Jahns, who reviews movies on YouTube and recently went over 500K subscribers, or the cartoon team over at with probably 2 million subscribers. Those guys are insightful, entertaining and funny — which I think I am, too– we are a small community.  But apparently we’re growing!! And I want to thank you for that.

Let me know what I can do better.

Let me know if there’s anything you want me to write about.

And above all, if you like what you read here, bring your friends back with you.

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