Pay Equality/ Free Speech/ Conservative -ish films



First, let’s talk about this notion of payroll inequality for women.

Some very prominent politicians say that women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. If this were literally true, every business who practiced such pay policies would be violating the Equal Pay Act of 1963, signed by President John F. Kennedy. This notion of 77 cents on the dollar is based on an aggregate of Labor Department employment and payroll statistics. They take an average of every woman working in the entire economy – from the waitress at your favorite restaurant to Mary Barra (current CEO of General Motors) to celebrities like Beyoncé — and compare this to the average of every man working – from the paper-boy, to James Dimon (Chairman of JPMorgan-Chase), to professional athletes like Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Anyone who has taken a statistics course will tell you that such a comparison is close to meaningless.

What the prominent politicians don’t do is compare women to men in cases where both have comparable work experience, comparable education comparable career progression and work the same schedule. In this latter comparison women make 96 cents on the dollar, and this can actually be attributed to most women being less aggressive in salary negotiations.



Second, former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was recently forced out of his post, after less than a week, for supporting traditional marriage.

Until the list of donors to California’s Proposition Eight was published, no one at Mozilla — or anywhere else — accused Mr Eich of being anti-gay. From this we can infer that he treated all of his employees and colleagues with respect in the workplace and that he kept his private life, as well as what he did with his personal money, both personal and private. In other words, in his behavior at work and in public, he treated gays and straights fairly, as everyone should. This is America! Here, we have free speech, freedom of association and private property rights.

That means anyone can say anything, hang out with whom they want and spend their own money how they want. As long as you don’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theater, hang out with drug dealers or spend your money bribing public officials, no one can stop you! Look companies can choose whom they want as their CEOs, but it should be based on merit, skill, competence and professionalism, not political correctness.

And, yes, for the record I think a patient at hospital should have anyone they want visit them.  Anyone who dies should be able to leave his or her possessions to whom they choose.  And while I believe marriage is a sacrament between one man and one woman, I also think we need to strengthen our own families and not persecute those who have different monogamous, committed relationships than we.  Marriage should be defined by the religious institutions and states that sanction it, not by Federal Judges making rulings on an issue that is not mentioned in the U. S. Constitution.



And finally in movie news…this past weekend the top four movies had conservative/libertarian/religious themes!  The top four movies were: Captain America 2, Noah, Divergent and God’s Not Dead. Two of the movies have conservative/libertarian themes: Captain America (freedom over fear) and Divergent (individuality and  use your abilities fully). The other two, Noah and God’s Not Dead, were inspired by Biblical and Judeo-Christian themes. Are any of them perfect? No, but I think it’s significant that these four movies with conservative/religious themes have earned over $300 million combined at the boxoffice in the first three weeks or less of their respective runs.


One thought on “Pay Equality/ Free Speech/ Conservative -ish films

  1. Enjoyed your post as always. You may want to remove “Noah” from your Biblically themed category. I’ve not seen it, but reports from friends who have indicate that it is anything but Biblically accurate.

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