Film Review — Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

Reviewed by Chris St Thomas

Thor: The Dark World was a very good movie. Not great, but very good.

The film was ably directed by Alan Taylor (of Game of Thrones fame), who handled the sword and hammer combat scenes just as nimbly as the air-to-air chases and space battles and with as much grace as intimate moments between characters.

The second Thor entry is a film of great scope, with Anthony Hopkins’s soliloquies as Odin, space battles and a climactic duel sequence that criss-crosses the Nine Realms. But it also a film of intimate moments between Thor and his would-be suitor, The Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander, who invites Thor to drink with her after battle); between mother and child (Rene Russo as Frigga and Tom Hiddleston as Loki). It’s filled with fun and humor, it has interesting subplots with the supporting cast on Earth and Asgard. The cinematography makes rainy overcast London pop and the CGI sets, planets and battles are very nearly amazing.

The through line of this movie is the power of love and friendship and redemption: the fundamental belief that every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. We see a devious enemy with a genius plan. Odin intends to confront the enemy head on in glorious, awful world shattering battle. Just as his father did before him. Thor thinks he has a better way, but the narrowest of chances to pull it off. His friends on Asgard and Earth support him in many ways and Loki… is Loki.

The only thing the movie lacks is meaningful dialog for the leads. Chris Hemsworth looks compassionate and powerful as Thor. Natalie Portman is either saying science-y things or playing the damsel in distress. These flaws only keep the movie from being truly great. It is still very enjoyable and on the whole a satisfying experience.

I strongly recommend Thor: The Dark World.  Even though it’s rated PG-13, it’s probably not in appropriate for 11 year olds.

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